With over 20+ years of facilitation experience, we understand the importance of succinct, impactful messaging. Our workshops are designed to increase employee engagement by creating synergy around your shared objectives and creating space for innovative solutions that energizes everyone. Who doesn’t like being fun and productive? Let’s get started….

How many of my meetings, could’ve been an email? How many times have my staff and I discussed an issue—with no change?


With Hurtle, we meet you where you are. No judgment. And then we develop fun, interactive facilitations that consider your teams’ current skills and needs while building in newly critical and creative thinking techniques. Sensitive topics and foundational topics don’t have to be another duty. Learning & having fun can actually happen…Let us show you how…..


Step 1: Prior to the event: We connect via video/conference call to discuss the challenges and needs of your organization. If it’s determined that my expertise is a match for your event, we schedule an hour-long pre-event meeting to finalize the specific talking points and discuss the mission, values and any challenges that should also be addressed. Social media advertising & usage will also be discussed at this time.



Messaging will be delivered in a manner that is intriguing and engaging during the pre-approved time allotment. In addition, we spend an additional 30 minutes after each presentation ensuring attendees are allowed to have brief one-to-one conversations.



Two weeks after the event, we engage in a debrief call to assess the effectiveness of the presentation. You are free to use any information gathered during this call to improve future initiatives and strategies for your organization.

Course Content includes:

Inclusion, Equity & Diversity for First Line Supervisors

Inclusion, Equity & Diversity for Leaders

Sexual Harassment

Cultural Awareness

Gender Equity

Self-Care for Lady Leaders

Leading Diverse Teams

Disability Inclusion

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Awareness

Dignity at Work

Equitable FMLA and other Leave practices

Race inclusion and anti/racist practices for Leaders

Inclusive recruitment & retention strategies

Inclusive Leadership

Conducting equitable Title VII investigations

Creating Cultural Competencies to better serve & protect


This list is not all-inclusive. If the course you are seeking is missing from this list, contact us here.

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